Wine made only with 100 % tempranillo variety, from our own vineyards with a maximum output of 5,000 kg / ha. The harvest is done by hand.

Selected grapes from four different ‘pagos’ which provide us with fantastic nuances of youth and freshness for its aging in French oak barrels.

The combination of that youthness, freshness and joy and the contribution of soft toasted flavour from our selection of barrels allows us to reach a perfect balance for the most discerning palate.

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Wine made only with 100 % tempranillo variety, manually selected from our vineyards in pago Marila, pago la Dehesa y pago Tabaneras.

With an output of 5,000 kg / ha. and a harvest made by hand to collect grapes from bush vines.

Grapes grown and pampered to develop an elegant and silky wine with a fantastic fineness in mouth. Aged in French oak barrels.

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Wine made with 100 % tempranillo variety, manually selected from our vineyards in pago Encerrada and pago la Carreportilo with an output below 4,500 kg / ha. and manual harvesting.

Eloy Reserva is a well rounded and honest wine made with ripe fruit from our old vineyards in French oak wood.

All that expressed in the cup is prepared for the most discerning palates and makes it a difficult to forget wine.

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Wine made only with 100 % tempranillo variety from our vineyards in pago Cadarrollo, the strains were planted in 1.913

The grape output from Pago Cadarrollo is kept below 2,500 kg / ha manually harvested with a very rigorous grape selection proccess.

The wine was carefully aged in oak barrels for a period of 18 months.

A wine with character, a complex and mineral structure but with a soft and gentle on the palate tannin aroma.

We recommend decanting for oxygenation to enjoy all its properties.

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Wine in its purest essence. From our youngest vineyards we elaborate this cheerful and greedy wine with bright fruit flavours. Easy in the mouth you will feel the tempranillo variety flavour grown up in a mature and full of chatacter land.

Prepared: with the grape variety Tempranillo.

– Color: Intense cherry, deep, clean, covered with deep lilac tones on the rim of the cup.

– Nose: Intense mixture of aromas of fresh flowers and ripe red fruits . With very nice lactic notes, licorice stick and soft menthol touches.

– Palate: Soft and delicate entrance in mouth with a well-structured and round tannin, adequate and comprehensive acidity accompanies its length on the palate.

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Fully balanced wine in all its facets. The elegance and freshness of its preparation makes it a perfect wine to match any kind of food.

Six months in oak barrels (50 % French and 50% American) and six months in bottle allows us to give the expression that reflects the wine in the glass.

Made with 100% tempranillo grape variety.

– Color: Deep red, upper middle layer, highlighting the borders of a still young wine with excellent legs in the glass.

– Nose: Very kind toasted flavours from the different oaks used, a variety of vanilla and tobacco flavours well balanced with various fresh fruit in its ripe time.

– Palate: Expressive, enveloping and fresh input. Perfect joint of wood with fruit performs a round wine without edges, well integrated acidity with soft and sweet tannins that provide a pleasant feeling while you sip in your mouth.

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In this wine are reflected our antique vineyards where such important aspects as grape size , composition and structure arise from a great Pago selection .

With grape outputsf between 4,500 kg and 5,000 kg / ha., controlled pruning, manual leaf plucking, and manual harvesting, we get a vibrant character. Its aging is 12 months in French and American oak barrels and a minimum of one year in the bottle for the time contribution elegance, roundness and complexity to the wine .

Made with 100% Tempranillo grape variety.

– Color: Middle layer-high, Red Cherry

– Nose: Balsamic, very spicy harmonized with toasted fine wood aromas.

– Palate: delicate and elegant, mineral, the ripe fruit from old vineyard is marked in its passage through the mouth. A powerful tannins well prepared and worked to create a perfect softness in mouth.

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